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Meet Eden Olivia!

Eden Olivia was diagnosed with Achondroplasia at 5 months. It was a word we had never heard of before and a condition that did not run in either family. Most of us fear the unknown and not knowing what to expect was hurtful and petrifying to say the least. I was informed of the many physical delays that Eden would experience and other frightful things. The doctors sent me home with a thick pamphlet all about what to expect and the possibilities. The more I read the more stressed out I became. Before and after educating myself on what was going on with my daughter, I prayed. I prayed for divine intervention, I prayed for strength and I prayed for peace, most importantly, I prayed for Eden.

I decided to turn all the guilt and all the overwhelming emotions into an understanding, an understanding that Eden was the same Eden I had brought home from the hospital, the same little girl I had spent my life waiting for and for that, nothing had changed. This wasn't about me and there was no time to waste on feeling sorry for myself, Eden needed me to be stronger and braver than ever. She needed me to be her advocate and make certain that she was seeing the right doctors and learning all that I could about her condition.

We moved forward with the knowledge that Eden was still Eden, she was just going to be smaller than her peers. She would also require different medical needs.  She would have to learn how to do some things differently, and that was okay, because as a baby, you learn how to do things on your own, long before realizing you are doing it uniquely. 

Eden is teaching and inspiring me daily. She is a strong willed, free spirited, intelligent, happy and beautiful little warrior. She inspired me long before blessing me with her presence. I couldn't imagine life without her, she is everything I have ever wanted. For the most part she is healthy and well adjusted. Our main focus at this time is finding a solution for her advanced Kyphosis. We pray for continued positive results.  

This website was always meant to be, but due to her condition, I have been inspired in many other directions as well. 

Eden Olivia is about uniqueness, not being afraid to express yourself through fashion, words, art and so much more. We are a small space …growing up with Eden. We are  looking forward to getting to know what each and everyone one of you would like to see on the site. We have so much planned and look forward to having some of you be a part of this wonderful experience. 

Many have asked to donate. At the time I wasn't able to accept donations. I wanted to be able to use those donations for something worthwhile. People have continued to ask to donate. If you would like to contribute to this site, please click the PayPal button below. All donations will be used to build a better website, to offer products, to continue to spread awareness about Achondroplasia, and to save for Eden's future needs. 

All donations over $20 dollars will be gifted a butterfly themed bracelet hand-made by us. Thanks in advance. 

Welcome to Eden Olivia!