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Luna's Zen

Luna's Zen has been a godsend. We have been battling the eczema outbreaks with just about everything over-the-counter and prescribed. With us determined to change our lifestyle to a something more organic ...we decided to give Luna's Zen a try. Eden's skin is both dark and lovely. However, it tends to dry out and breakout if it is not moisturized and taken care of properly at least twice a day.

I came across Luna's Zen on Instagram. It is an eczema cream made and sold by Life Body Naturals. Life Body Naturals is owned and operated by Mompreneur and reality television star Tanya Scott. I was excited because I get to support a mom that created something to help her own baby girl's eczema issues and because it's an all natural product. But imagine my excitement when it actually worked! This stuff is genius! It's not greasy or too thick and it doesn't leave a residue of all works superbly! Not only did it clear up Eden's eczema and has continued to keep her skin flawless and glowing, but it is actually helping out with my contact dermatitis! Absolutely nothing has helped with my skin irritants to this extent. Luna's Zen is not only healing my skin but also clearing up the blotches left behind from the many breakouts.

Don't take my word for it ...head on over to Life Body Naturals and try it for yourself!

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