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Bye Bye Binky

Imagine having a soother for two-plus years and then one day it just ups and vanishes. How would you truly feel about this thing that brought you comfort no longer existing? I had these very thoughts as I watched my two year old search for her pacifier. She looked beneath just about everything that she could lift, reach and or get under or behind. I was just heartbroken listening to her ask repeatedly for her 'paci'. Everyone kept telling me to be strong and to not give in. But I caved shortly after and decided that just taking something away that belonged to her without her knowledge was wrong. I would not like it if it happened to me and it was not 'our" solution.

So how do we get rid of the binky? We don't! I gave it back to her and she was beyond delighted to have what belonged to her back in her possession. The moment she put it down again and walked away ...I cut cut the top off the nipple and placed it back where she left it.

When she went back to get her beloved old pal ...she was in shock to find out that something was wrong with it. She attempted to suck her paci and it wasn't right. She stared at the hole in it for sometime before whining and tossing it to the ground. This happened a couple of times before she tossed it again and ran off to do other things. She forgot about it and took a nap without it for the first time in her two years of life. She woke from her nap and attempted to suck it again and became a little frustrated at her binky still being broken. She swung it across the sofa and went about her day. She knew where it was and that brought some comfort to her, even if it didn't work anymore. Approaching the pacifier issue in this way gave her a certain peace and is allowing her to feel like she is giving it up on her own because it no longer works for her. For me this is a much better solution than just taking something from her that belongs to her. We are adjusting and learning this parenting thing together. Stay tuned.

To get this adorable little Wubbanub pacifier (which happens to be our favorite brand) click on the picture below. Thanks for reading. Please share how you and yours said goodbye to the binky.

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