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Potty Training 101

I've read quite a few interesting methods on how-to potty train your little one. I hear that being consistent when starting out is the key. I was told to just let your little one run around naked for a couple of days and watch the magic unfold a fully potty trained toddler. I think I'm a little skeptical about that one and a bit nervous as well. All I can imagine is having a two year old running through the house making a unpleasant mess.

I'll be honest and say that I have not a clue as to what I am doing with this potty training. I have introduced my little one to her potty and she enjoys sitting on it when ever I go in the bathroom. She is aware of its uses and name. We are still working on speech, but she can say potty as clear as day. She is also starting to take off her diaper and loves to wear underwear. I'm wanting her to guide me with this. I don't want to be pushy at this moment in her life. She is just now on day three of not having her beloved pacifier and is doing great with that. I couldn't be more proud of her.

We role play with her dollies and she seems to love the idea go them going to the potty and then wants to do the same. For now I'm allowing her to lead me while also taking into consideration what has worked for other families out there. I look forward to hearing about all of your ideas. I want potty training to be both a rewarding and pleasant experience for Eden. Stay tuned for more of this.

This is the potty chair that we are using. I like that it has back support, it something that she needs. I also like the simplicity and the fact that it is adjustable in height. This potty also has armrests and that is a plus. To order this potty just click on the picture below.

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