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Social Media Playgrounds

Usually I would ignore the behavior of these so called adults that we find playing on these social media playgrounds. I realize that these trolls are seeking attention and that 'hurt people' attempt to hurt others.

Yesterday a popular Instagram page featured the video of Eden ignoring me at Walmart. Several "perfect" people decided to bash me for giving my daughter 'soda.' First of all let me make it very clear that it was indeed 'lemonade' from the soda fountain. Yes, I called it 'soda' as I usually do. However, this is not an explanation ...I do not explain how I parent 'my" child to anyone. If I want her to have 'soda' I'd give it to her. There are far worse things going on with abused and neglected children out here that need the type of attention that these online bullies decided that we needed. With that said ...We don't drink soda in our household period, and I don't have any type of judgement for those that do. Moving on to the real issue here.

The majority of the comments were of laughter, love and kindness ...I appreciate you all. But, there were many comments left by these trolls and online bullies attempting to insult my child by commenting on the size of her head. The thing about these trolls is that I use them as a teaching tool. I let my daughter know that these 'hurt" people exist and that she must rise up every time they attempt to belittle her. Believe it or not is not rocket science or something that you bullies happened to discover. We are well aware that Eden has a large head ...she is aware that she has a large "beautiful" head. She has Achondroplasia ...a type of Dwarfism ...a Little Person. She is not a Midget ...Midget is a very derogatory term. I realize that some of you do not realize this and others just don't care. Some people only care when the derogatory term is aimed toward them and our their condition or culture. Like I tell Eden everyday ...those that mind just don't matter.

I feel like 'trolls will be trolls' on these social media playgrounds. They have an audience and a bunch of people willing to cheer them on. People get real brave behind these computer screens and keyboards. However, I feel that the people in charge of these playgrounds should be monitoring what they allow these 'trolls' to do and say on their social media playgrounds. If they don't have the time or interest in doing this ...just don't post my child's video. It's really just that simple. I realize that I can't protect her from online bullying and I'm responsible for what I put out there. I plan to brand (license) her content so that people cannot post her without permission. It's easy to tell someone not to read the comments and that may be best. Or is ignoring the real issue here the best thing to do. Bullying is a huge issue today and I will do everything in my power to speak out against it. It will not happen on my page. So who is the real problem here ...the bullies or those giving them a platform to bully?

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