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Her Brain & Yours!

Independence was my biggest fear of Eden starting school this May. I wanted her to be able to use the toilet and sink unassisted. Just the very thought of her having to climb up a toilet makes me cringe. Her health can’t be at risk. I’ve been thinking of ways to make the restroom breaks work. Thinking maybe we would wait another 2 years when she’s more capable of doing it alone. This was the only real thing holding me back ...until today. Now my biggest fear is ...who will be teaching my child. In who’s hands and mind will I be leaving her to? This fear was created today by an unknowing stranger in a park. This stranger happens to be a teacher @KippJax. Ms./Mrs. Nicole Crippen looked at my daughter and said “And look at you, with your big brain’re going to be smart.” 

I’m most certainly that she meant well ...from what I was told. I just feel like I let my child down by not being there to respond for her. The adults present were a bit overwhelmed by this remark and didn’t know how to respond. My response would have been ...”having both her brain and yours equals a big brain.” Big brain? You are a teacher! How is this appropriate in any situation. Especially when you are speaking to a child with a larger head ...a child with Dwarfism ...or any type of condition that would cause their head to not be the typical size. I expect this type of thing to happen with other children ...who just don’t know any better and are curious. Now that we have this upcoming meeting with the school board to discuss necessary accommodations for school ...I’m a little less worried about toilets and more concerned about The who will be my child’s teacher. I do not want this woman or anyone with her mindset teaching my daughter anything. If a teacher thinks it’s okay to tell a child with a large head that she has a large brain will the children in the class. I can’t and won’t willfully expose my child to such harm. When she is more empowered, able to understand that people like this exist, and how to respond to stupidity ...I will feel better about this school situation. I’m actually thankful for situations like these. They help me prepare my child for the real word. And I’m aware that I can’t protect her forever ...but I will while and when I can. I’m her voice until she has one. I sincerely hope that @KippJax and all other schools are making certain that these teaches that they employ are aware of how to approach differences ...some things are common sense. If you don’t know what to say ...ask. If asking is not an option ...say nothing. By the way ...her name is Eden. If you ever cross her path again ...Ms/Mrs Nicole Crippen’s Eden!  

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