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The Perfect Mom

I often cringe when people describe me as the perfect mom. I don't believe there is such a thing. I start every day  with prayer …and then I provide what I'm able to give. It's not always the same, at times it's less, and at times it's more.

I'm the mom with the screaming kid in the store …because all of the 'car' shopping carts were taken. The one that is forever making a new schedule to stick to ...because the last one just didn't holdup against my forever changing ideas.

I don't make our bed when I get out of it husband makes them at night right before bedtime. I'm still rebelling from my own childhood and all of the things I promised my younger self I would never do again.

You see, the things I do for my daughter comes naturally. I don't plan to love her ...I just do. I think so many times we are rewarded for things that 'just are' what parenting is supposed to be. What parenting is for me will be different for the next parent. It is based on my beliefs, my faith, my circumstances, and my heart.  I enjoy spending time with my daughter, and I feel like I can never get enough of her. Even when she is driving me to the verge of insanity …and she does. The moment I get an ounce of freedom I am thinking of her.

So yes …I'm not your perfect mom. My kid eats strawberries from the store container before we ever make it home to wash them. Mainly because my sanity will never win up against an irrational toddler. Perhaps, the old fruit snacks discovered in her car seat are just as forbidden the unwashed fruit or her friend's handheld cookies.

Our house is lived in, toys are in every room and I'm always attempting to organize. Some days my 'self diagnosed' OCD kicks in …and I extreme clean. On other days I do what is needed to survive. Because the moment my house is close to picture perfect …along comes a toddler  …to remind me that everything is hers, and should be as she left it. 

I spend my days ignoring my attachment issues ...I'll work on them eventually. I'm too busy worried about what my toddler will wear for her high school graduation, working on projects I may never finish, catching up on Dateline with my husband and chasing rainbows with my dream child.

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