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School Bells Are Ringing!

I must admit that I have been avoiding this day like the plague. I was hoping that the cuddling years would last forever. Time never ceases, but our time here is most certainly on a ticking clock. When did we get to three?

Now, I’m getting phone calls about summer school and preschool. Lord, I’m not ready. Eden is a social butterfly and ready to explore her world.

I wanted my worries to be limited to the perfect teacher and school. I didn’t want to worry about if my child would be able to reach the toilet and sink in the bathroom. I didn’t want to be bother with if she’d ever get to the swing first. Or if children would be unkind because they don’t understand differences.

Yet, children have been wonderful, they ask what they want to know, and are usually satisfied with answers. I can’t wait for Eden to make new friends and bring home art projects to display. She has a love for learning, and I want her to continue to explore that outside of home as well. I’m doing my part to ensure Eden will have the tools she needs to be successful in the healthiest way.

I will work through my anxiety, you can’t keep a free-spirited child caged too long. It is time for Mama Bear to let up …some. We have been looking into day schools, more of a Montessori type setting. A few hours a day with speech therapy is the plan. I’m not comfortable with the 8:30-3:30 schedule that was suggested to me. Eden can nap at home …or not, she’s starting to avoid naps. We will also continue to take her to gyms and find a various activities for the socializing with peers.

Eden is not lacking in social skills, she enjoys meeting and playing with new children. She jumps right in with any age group. Not wanting to do a full-time school has nothing to do with Eden’s condition. It’s more about preference and continuing to nurture and educate outside of a building. Eden having freedom to express through her learning style is of the upmost importance, everything else is secondary.

We will be compromise and doing a little of everything. I want to continue to contribute to her education as much as possible. My plan is choosing a school that is inclusive, one that is on board with spreading acceptance and awareness. Unfortunately, the adults are more in need of this than the children. An adult has been the source of every issue and unkind experience we have had to endure over Eden’s condition. Some intentional and some unintended. The one teacher I have encountered made me want to home-school forever, and that's not off the table. However, Mama Bear will be there to guide them through the ignorance (those in need). I have nothing but time on my hands when it comes to my child. I am aware that there are a lot of great educators out there. I speak to many of them in our DM. Don't take offense unless you have a reason to.

I’m claiming a great experience for Eden. Mama Bear will be tossing her apprehension aside and taking it one day at a time. I will post an update when we decide on a school, we have an upcoming meeting.

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