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Introverted Mom

Waving my hand in the air! I’m that Introverted Mom! It’s an easy place to become accustomed to. There is comfort in the knowing, there is comfort in understanding, there is comfort in peaceful people and things. Most of all there is comfort in reciprocity.

I’d be the first to admit how much I have changed since becoming a mother. I’ll also admit that my parenting style isn’t what I would have imagined it to be. However, it comes as natural to me as the air I breathe.

With that said. I am an introverted mom due to circumstances and do to a necessity. When you change …most things and people may continue to be the same. I take full responsibility for being the reason that I am so far away from the life I once knew. My life is now full of caring for my daughter, medical decisions, learning new terminology daily, battling the insurance company, making decisions that are oblivious to most, listening to materialistic problems of others …while my silent battles go unnoticed. So …pardon me if I’m okay with spending the rest of my life in my home with my daughter and the most amazing man in the world husband. GOD knew exactly what we needed before we did. You take for granted what you presume to have …until life happens. Everyone has one …and that just pure reality.

It does not interest me to have that ’girl’s pajama’ party that you stopped speaking to me over. I live despite your decision to judge from the outside. I feel no need to explain why I didn’t show up to a family function, or why I wasn’t there in the way that you felt I needed to be. I was too busy being a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, advocate, student, wife, and most of all …a mother to a medically complicated child. Let me say that louder for those in the back …A MEDICALLY COMPLEXED CHILD! One that I am forever grateful for. It has been a heart-opening experience and a beautiful change to my person ...I wouldn't trade her for the world.

In no way am I saying your issues are not important. I’m sure they are. What I am saying is …the world is bigger than you. If you find that every time you call …the conversation is centered around you or those that you have sanctioned ‘needy’ …take time to consider who you are speaking to. Consider how much time you spent on complaining about superficial things …without once asking “are you okay.”

Signed - Introverted Mom

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