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Locs of Love

I decided to loc our hair because the simplicity of our journey has changed. Eden going from an infant to a three-year-old is a transition into reality. Being able to keep her in my comfort zone has been an easy task. Now we must enter the real world with all that comes with it. I decided to loc our hair as an expression of a joint adventure. I explained to Eden that we are on this voyage together.

Deciding to loc our hair is a commitment. I get messages from people telling me what I should and should not do with Eden’s hair. When you put your life on social media, you open yourself up to this type of thing. I own that. Although, I have expressed that we are here to spread awareness, acceptance and inclusion. It’s a view into one little girl’s life with Achondroplasia. The best part of sharing Eden’s journey with Achondroplasia, is the village that we have created. Sometimes strangers far and near can be more supportive than those you know. We are most grateful for that part. As far as the opinions on what I should and should not do with Eden’s hair …goes in one ear and out the other. When you have bigger battles to fight …it’s just hair. I will cut it, braid it, twist it, loc it as I see fit. Eden is well taken care of, don’t let her hairstyle dictate otherwise. When Eden is old enough to express what she would like to do with her own hair …I will be all ears.

We are using products to maintain her locs currently. I will be updating you all on that soon. It’s been a little over a month with the and I would like to share my thoughts. Other than using the to maintain Eden’s locs, we use a satin cap or pillowcase at night …most nights. Eden is a tenacious three-year-old. Some nights she’s proud to wear her bonnet and other nights she refuses to. I guess she more like me than I would care to admit. My plan was to only pass on the best parts of me (insert laugh here).

Please continue to follow us on this journey that is a little of everything …physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Let these locs be a symbol of the strength and courage it takes to endure it all. I’m not a faultless mom …far from it. I don’t want that type of image or obligation. I do what I can with each moment. Eden is the source of it all. She hands me the tools that I need to better myself daily. I will forever be a work in progress. We are still learning and adjusting and flowing without choice. Love is our language. We are now locked together metaphorically.

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