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Lugg Twins

In 2013 It was discovered that I had fibroids. I experienced all the discomforts that came with the diagnosis. Initially the doctors burned the fibroids off and everything seemed fine. The fibroids eventually grew back. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have any more children.

During the year of 2016, I was often sick and at the doctor. After, having several tests done, I found out that I had an iron deficiency. I was prescribed an iron supplement not knowing that I was pregnant. The fact that I was pregnant with twins was the reason that my body required more iron.

Shortly after being diagnosed with iron deficiency, I took a pregnancy test. I was indeed pregnant. After, confirming the pregnancy with my doctor and having scans done, he discovered another heartbeat. To my disbelief, there were two babies, after being told I couldn’t get pregnant again, three years prior. I was frightened.

Twins didn’t run on either side of the family, so, this news was surprising to us. At my age, and being pregnant with twins, made it a high-risk pregnancy. I had to be scanned three times a week and would require a cesarean. Everything was fine other than the fibroids that had to be monitored. I was in good hands at a top women’s hospital in the UK.

One of the twins’ (girls), Jaeleah, had little to no water during my pregnancy. After, the twins were born, they stayed three weeks in ICU. I took the girls’ home at three months of age; they passed all their newborn tests. They were healthy and beautiful.

Whenever, I would post pictures of Jaeleah and Jazaila on Facebook, family and friends would message me. They would say that the twins were going to be short like myself and their dad. Most of the comments were based on how short the twins’ legs appeared. I’m 5’5 and the girls’ father is 5’6.

No one assumed dwarfism, everyone like me, thought dwarfism ran in families. I made many appointments to have the doctors look at the girls, asking if their legs look short. They would blow me off saying that the girls were premature and would eventually catch up. I started googling all types of stuff pertaining to the twins short stature. Everything pointed towards dwarfism. I also took notice of a diagram about the trident hands. I looked at the girls’ hands and they were identical to the diagram. Trident hands are a Dwarfism feature. The doctors insisted that the twins’ hands were just chubby, and that was the reason for the resemblance.

I continued to harass the doctors and took my findings from google to them. I told the doctor that I suspected Dwarfism. I insisted something wasn’t adding up with the girls. Finally, the doctors agreed to have bone x-rays and blood test done of the twins. When the test results came back, they sat me down to tell me that the girls did have Dwarfism. The condition was called Achondroplasia. It was my first time ever hearing the word Achondroplasia. I asked how it was even possible, no one in their family history had dwarfism. We now know that 85% of children born with Achondroplasia come from average height parents.

Here we were (after being told that I could no longer get pregnant), with a set of identical twin girls (no history of twins in our family) with Achondroplasia (another first for our families). My girls are a miracle ...that’s for sure, if this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is. I was a bit relieved to have answers and a diagnosis after being frustrated and ignored for so long. The girls’ height is not an issue for me, it’s more of the health factors and how people will treat them. I’ve always wanted four children; I have my four children. I will protect them with every breathe in my body. There is nothing insufficient about them, height does not define who you are.

So far, I have had no bad experiences when taking the girls out in public. I have received some nasty comments on Instagram, but that’s fine, it just shows what those type of people lack in their own lives. Those types of behaviors leave me on edge waiting for someone to say something ignorant. I should probably just let all that go. I sincerely pray that people will not say or do anything nasty to Jaeleah and Jazaila. I just want them happy. They are beautiful and wonderfully made. While the girls might be short, they're surely not short of love and care. They receive an abundance of love and support from mom and dad, older siblings and other family members. We don't even care or notice their stature.

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