• Missy Mills

Liberian Girl?

Genetics is such an interesting thing. I went into this wanting to discover my own family history. Prior to doing research and DNA testing, I knew very little about my family. I wanted our Eden to know where she comes from …I wanted to discover just who we were. A lot of things happened after I took this test. I found new family members …a first cousin, whom I was able to help unite with her father. I have to say ...that was the best part of all of this. I spoke to relatives that I may have never knew existed …learned so much more about my family history that had been right here all along. I was happy knowing I now had an actual family tree to pass on to Eden. I could proudly share that I was 33% Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu People – 24% Benin/Togo – 14% Mali – 10% Ghana – 3% Senegal - 1% Nigerian. That leaves an estimate of 15% North Western Europe. There is power in knowledge. Eden would be armed with all this knowledge early on and not have to assume. I could look in her sweet face and not have to wonder.

I was then given an opportunity to do a collaboration with MyHeritage, and have Eden tested. I thought it would be exciting to compare all the African Countries and Regions we had in common. We could learn together about our people and all these wonderful places we were from ...and one day visit. After all, Eden is me in so many ways …and in other ways …she’s all Eden. I sit and look at her and just smile. She is such an adventurous soul. We started out on this life journey together over three years ago. So much has happened in such a short time. I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with this girl of ours. She’s not only the daughter I’ve always wanted …she’s so much more. Even with all her sass and selective hearing …I wouldn’t trade her for another. Eden in strong in mind, body and spirit …everything I’ve ever wanted to be has manifested in this small wonder. I am thankful that MyHeritage gave us the opportunity to learn even more about Eden.

Eden’s biology is from Liberia. I knew this prior to testing and the reason for the hashtag #liberiangirl. It took awhile to get all of this together. I wanted to compare both our results with another DNA testing. I was tested three times and Eden was tested two times. Our Liberian Girl is …

Imagine my shock after reviewing these results. Another reason I had more than one test done. It is bittersweet looking at Eden and knowing exactly what she is made up of. This gives us both so much more to learn about. I look at this unfolding as a gift to us both. Eden is her own person for sure …as it should be. I can’t wait to arm her with all this new knowledge of self. I look over her DNA results and think …what a beautiful work of art our Eden is.

Thank you MyHeritage.

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